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Restaurant Russia

Restaurant "Russia" in Sovetsk is not just a place where you can eat deliciously, they come here to relax with pleasure and spend time with the company of real friends. In case of unforgettable events, you might like it. You can always book a table in the big hall, where the whole evening your hearing will delight the professional musicians. If you need a place for an anniversary, wedding or just dinner in a pleasant atmosphere - come to us and give yourself a holiday of taste and pleasure. At your service there is a banquet hall or a karaoke room in which you can enjoy songs in your own performance.

Sometimes our traditional feast can hit not only a foreigner, but also a man of primordial Russian. In the hustle and bustle of everyday work, we forget about that joy, it can give a feast - great food, a good company, a great atmosphere. Why not remember that any day can decorate the opportunity to dine at the restaurant "Russia", where you will not just bring food, and take care of you as an expensive guest, as it was accepted in Russia at all times. Arrange for you a holiday in any of the days can our restaurant of Russian cuisine, where each guest is happy, as a native. Come and have lunch at the restaurant "Russia", or arrange a holiday for us, and we guarantee you not only delicious food, but also a great mood.


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Hotel Russia.
Kaliningrad region, Sovetsk, ul. Lunacharsky 2
Booking: +7 (40161) 3-49-00