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It is situated in 120 km to the north-west of Kaliningrad. Its a port on the river Neman.

It was founded in 1288 under the name Tilsit.  The name to the town  was given due to its location on the river Tilze. The name was given from the Lithuanian word tilzti which means to be wet, or to flow, to make liquid.  Also this word is often translated as swamp.

In 1807 the Tilsit Peace agreement was signed here (the agreement between France and Russia from one side and France and Prussia from the other) after the victory of Napoleons army in the Russian Prussian - French war in 1806-1807. In 1812  Patriotic War that agreement lost its  influence.

Up to 1945 Tilsit belonged to Germany (Eastern Prussia),  after the World War 11 it became a part of Russia. It was named Sovetsk in 1946.


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